Basic Rm1800 - 2500 Online sale Agent

聘请兼职网上销售人员(part-timer) *提供训练+良好工作环境 *不需上门找客户 *已有固定客户与户口给新人 有热诚工作者保证月入至少RM3-5千, 团队工作环境 有兴趣者请联系: 012-2969559 LAY We seeking for part-time internet Sale assistant

*Provide Training, current customer base

*No need walk in or find customer door to door. *Provide curren account to New staff for learning+commission.

Make sure if u are passion on this job minimum can get Rm3000-5000 monthly, teamwork ship. 

 Interested pls call 012-2969559 Lay

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