Why Vape we buy Airscream? Not R, W, Z Brand?

Airscream Brand is Register In UK, to have a Qulified certificate in UK, need to be in Few level on QC,

1:Flovour ingredient

(will cause to Cancer or chemical harm to health)

2: Design & Size population

(design gred, size dimension class, battery size will cause to Explored)

3: admit to the New genaration Tide

And some more..........

  • Comparation to R, W, Z, some of the China Brand, even they are not certificated in China As well but hot Selling in Other country, first month Selling RM280, 3 month later selling Rm180, 6month later selling Rm100 mb. The Flovour we take without any QC certificate (Rojak syrup mix method mint kaokao), Y are those Buyyer can Accept it only Because of the Product is High Profit Margin for The Seller/Supplier.

Will you choose the Product with Full Chinese font packing, Chinese Flovour explaint, or Choose Brand AIRSCREAM.

No1 brand in UK VAPE Exibition.



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