New Arrival Wireless Nano Sanitize Spray gun.

Come with UV LIGHT Kill Gems & Virus 99.9%.

The wireless blue light nano steam spray gun is equipped with a high-pressure water pump. The water sprayed from the high-tech copper nozzle at room temperature will be nano-mist. All ingredients of disinfectant or alcohol will be kept at room temperature and sprayed without being evaporated by high temperature. For you and your family, this will be a perfect safe and efficient disinfection tool. 3-Pin UK Plug Wireless use: Wireless Spray Gun Features: 1. Wireless and rechargeable — It can be carried to sterilize everywhere you want without limitations on the distance. 2. Light-weight PC material — The device is light-weight and effort-saving to carry. 3. Room-temperature spraying — Safe to spray alcohol and various diluted disinfectants. 4. High pressure water pump —— It can spray the disinfectant or alcohol in fine and water mist to sterilize. 5. Smaller size — Cost less shipping fee. 6. Adjustable spraying intensity — The spraying intensity can be adjusted. Features: Product name: wireless nano spray gun disinfection Power: 18W Maximum spray distance:2.5m Rated Voltage: 110-240V/50HZ Battery capacity:2600mAh Size: 23x20x6CM Use time: 1~2 hours Product weight: 0.7KG Capacity: 400ML Material: PC

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